Swiss Startup Factory Provides Investment Advice

For new companies in the tech industry, gaining access to capital and investment advice is extremely critical. Those that have the ability to raise capital and have the consultation of experienced professionals will have a much easier time getting ahead of the market, which can make or break a company. For those that are in need of capital, or simply need help getting their company off of the ground, working with the Swiss Startup Factory could be a great option.


The Swiss Startup Factory is an investment firm that provides capital raising and consultation services to companies of all sizes. The firm generally specializes in providing its serves to smaller tech firms, which are still in the development phases. The company will help a small business a number of different ways including product development, market research, R&D, business plan development, and capital raising. Most importantly, they are able to help the small business owner to help develop a clear vision and goal for the product and company.


While the business plan and object is different for every company, the Swiss Startup Factory generally helps a firm save a lot of time and money. The Swiss Startup Factory has the ability to help a company go from the idea phase to market in less than three months. This speed is crucial in the ever-changing tech industry where beating the competition to market is very important.


The Swiss Startup Factory also has an accelerator program. This program is designed for companies and products that are in the earliest stages of the investment process. This program has an application process and is very competitive. Those that are chosen to be part of the program will receive a lot of attention at the early stages of the company, which will be crucial towards the success of the firm.



The Swiss Startup Factory was first founded by Mike Baur, who is still the CEO of the firm. Prior to starting the firm, Baur acted in a variety of investment and capital raising roles, which helped to seed young and growing companies. Today, Baur acts as the figurehead of the company and tends to be most involved in the process of raising capital. He also is heavily involved in the investment committee role and application review, which ultimately helps the Swiss Startup Factory make their investment decisions.