Soros Sees Trouble In Trump. We Should All Listen

George Soros is incredibly worried about the Trump Administration. I believe that the 86-year-old billionaire has the relevant experience to be afraid of the authoritarian president. I think we should all be listening to him.

Soros is so afraid of the negative effects of the Trump presidency that he has convened a meeting of the best political and legal minds in the world just days after the election. The three-day summit took place in Washington DC and brought in the likes of Elizabeth Warren.

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The goal of the summit was to plan short- and long-term opposition to any action taken by the Trump administration. This includes helping states to fight off his unconstitutional travel ban, fight back on climate change rollbacks and help states to navigate the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Strategists plan short term opposition in order to trip up Trump’s first 100 days. The first 100 days is usually the honeymoon period for any president where he can enact his campaign promises with the help of a cooperative legislature. Fortunately, it seems their short-term plans have been working because Trump hasn’t been able to get anything done in his first 100 days, including the long-awaited repeal of the ACA.

The summit also dug in for long-term plans. How would the democrats respond to such things as the Supreme Court nomination? Since the GOP has the ability to enact the “nuclear option”, the Neil Gorusch nomination is a tricky political river to navigate. It looks as though the left is digging in for a filibuster that could rock the country. Visit to know more about George.

Soros has a right to be worried about Trump. The hedge fund billionaire philanthropist was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. That would soon become a problem because he was born into a Jewish family, fortunately for the Soros family; his father was able to see the writing on the wall. Liquidating his family’s assets, George’s father was able to hide his identity with false identification documents. George Soros would survive the war while 500,000 Hungarian Jews would not.

George was just a teenager when the occupation started. He was able to see authoritarian rhetoric up close and personal. He sees the same dangerous words and actions coming out of Donald Trump.

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Then Soros became a refugee and immigrant before becoming a billionaire. He would put himself through the prestigious London School of Economics with odd jobs. He took a job in a merchant bank in England before raising $12 million to start a hedge fund on Wall Street.

As an American immigrant, he would make daring trades that saw him grow his wealth to $25 billion. He now runs his non-profit, the Open Society Foundation.