See The World and Protect The Environment

The Wild Ark has one certain priority in mind, and that is to explore, save and to protect the environment at all costs. Everyday the environment continues to decline, but with foundations and people like these, the environment can be saved one step at a time. The environment affects what is all around us. It is truly all of our jobs to protect it and everything that lives within it, including ourselves. Wild ark has a huge mission on their hands, not only does the foundation travel and explore the world; but protection plans are also put in place to keep the environment safe and thriving.

Wild Ark also strives to create unique opportunities and research for people so that they can interact with nature and wildlife first hand, the goal is to hopefully inspire people to want to protect it. The whole project was founded by a husband and a wife, Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. They also have an extraordinary team working along with them. With such a great following behind them, the team has already achieved some extraordinary goals. They should be proud of the work they have already done.

One great Eco friendly place to explore is Costa Rica, between the scenery and sandy beaches, with a wide array of exotic species, there is a huge variety of plants and animals. The Island also has quite a few wildlife refugees. This would be an amazing place for the Wild Ark to explore and possibly help out with, because there are many species that are endangered and still need help protecting, and to be honest the island really needs all the help that it can get. Resources are not always on hand when it comes to places like this. Wild Ark could definitely provide assistance with funding and help with the other resources that may be needed and may be helpful. Another reason why Costa Rica would be a good place is because the team could gain research experience and valuable experience in the field with the animals and wildlife in the environment.

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