Brian Torchin: Healthcare Staffer

Brian Torchin was born in Philadelphia, PA but went to the University of Delaware and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. Torchin later received his chiropractic degree. While working as a chiropractor, he realized there was a niche in the medical industry for hiring physicians and other health professionals.

As much as we hear about the growing demand for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals; the hiring process can be difficult. According to Lulu, this is where Brian Torchin comes in. He is the founder and president of HCRC Staffing, a firm that helps health professionals network with private practices and hospitals looking for staff members.

One service that is offered by the staffing firm is medical staffing. With a wide pool of healthcare professionals, hospitals have to go through many applicants when hiring a potential staff member and Torchin’s company facilitates the process by focusing on the quality of a prospective employee and connecting them with a willing hospital or organization in the industry. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

This not only helps the hospitals but also the public because the quality of a hospital’s or other organization’s staff creates a better environment for patients and their care.

Another service that is offered is professional consulting. This program allows for healthcare organizations to ask questions and receive advice regarding staff issues and marketing according to the firm’s official website. Brian Torchin does not seem very active at all on his Twitter account, which he joined in 2014, and the same goes for his Facebook.

His social media seems to only be used as a form of communication for business purposes; as a way to reach out to potential clients. His LinkedIn account has much more information, like articles he has written, current projects and recommendations. Behance said that Brian Torchin is a business man and cares deeply about his work.

Jeanmarie Guenot: Scientist, Researcher And Business Executive


Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot is a scientist and businesswoman. She’s currently Amphivena Therapeutics president and CEO ( The company develops innovative bifunctional antibody therapies that can be used to treat hematologic malignancies. Since earning her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School and her PhD. from UC San Francisco, Guenot has spent more than 20 years working in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. She has experience in business development, pharmaceutical research and development, project and alliance management, corporate and commercial development and venture capital.


Her biography shows that Guenot has worked with public and private companies at all stages of development. She also has a great deal of experience and a strong interest in creating and rebuilding companies. Prior to working with Amphivena Therapeutics, Guenot founded, developed and ran the start-up ophthalmic company incubator, SKS Ocular. The company’s work was focused on dry AMD as well as the delivery technologies and therapeutics for sustained release ocular drugs used for macular degeneration, glaucoma and ocular inflammation.


A former Hoffmann-La Roche business advisor, Jeanmarie Guenot was also PDL Biopharma’s VP of Corporate and Business Development. At the company she led mergers and acquisitions, licensing and alliance management for research and development as well as commercial product portfolios. Guenot also negotiated the co-development as well as the co-commercialization strategic collaboration of Biogen Idec-PDL 50:50. This involved three Phase 2 autoimmune disease and cancer drug candidates. This transaction was valued at $800 million and included an equity investment of $100 million in PDL as well as a therapeutic candidate and its indications which were split between Hoffmann-La Roche and Biogen Idec/PDL. writes that Guenot was involved in the licensing to Ophthotech of the oncology drug’s ophthalmic indication. She has experience in project, portfolio and alliance management in cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, oncology, neurology and ophthalmic diseases. At the beginning of her business career Guenot managed Atlas Venture’s capital investments and built life science companies for them. Her work as a scientist began with her becoming a Hoffmann-La Roche principal scientist working on preclinical research and development, discovering and developing drugs to treat autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, inflammation and oncology.  Read more about Jeanmarie Guenot, and her efforts with Amphivena cancer research on BusinessWire.

Property Reports Made Easy: Nationwide Title Clearing Makes Online Ordering Available

Title defects have caused many players in the real estate market to be anxious about the security of their properties. Some people consider this as the main cause of wrongful foreclosures. Others, however, think that they are responsible for causing stagnation of what would otherwise be a trouble-free transition of assets in the market. Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) executives hold that property records helps to ensure a clear title conveyance and significantly brings down the risk of foreclosing or buyback. NTC has taken firm steps to ensure the process of securing property reports becomes quite simple. They recently launched a revamped website for this purpose.


Most title defects occur when a person or a corporate entity lay a claim on a property that another entity or person already owns. But other than this, several other factors can render a title invalid. Issues with wording, failure to incorporate the signature of any party to the transaction, the presence of liens and other encumbrances on the document, and failure to follow filing or recording procedures are some of these additional factors.


For these reasons, NTC CEO John Hillman advises that it is important to address title defects well before the property is transferred or sold. With the sole aim of helping the evolving mortgage industry, this organization has made current owner reports, tax status reports, tax status (plus) reports, and assignment verification report services available through online ordering.


Nationwide Title Clearing is focused on providing a simple, procedural process of securing property reports, and their services are based on research carried out from actual land records. NTC obtains data from many credible sources and relies on both automation and human verification, a practice that has enabled them to successfully offer services to some of the largest lenders in the United States under the most critical and heavily audited compliance regulations. According to NTC officials, their process produces very reliable results and recognizes the reports’ financial impact. The organization also attributes their success to having an in-depth understanding of the result that their clients need. Moreover, they customize property reports and include the correct sets of data.


About Nationwide Title Clearing


Nationwide Title Clearing was established in 1991 and has risen to be the top post-closing services provider for some of the largest financial institutions, servicers, and investors in the United States. This Florida-based research and document-processing organization is known not only for delivering the best level of accuracy but also preserving the nation’s land records, assisting the mortgage banking industry, and protecting homeowners.

“Scandal”: Lime Crime’s New Explosive Lipstick

In the world of cosmetology, evolution is the key to success and you don’t evolve with the times you’ll get left behind. Lime Crime has done it yet again with the introduction of it’s hot new Velvetine Lipstick. For those whom are wanting a bit more drama in their life or to simply add some “wow” effect to your style, Lime Crime’s Scandal Lipstick will surely give it to you. Scandal has a rich purple-violet color and plenty of attitude, but in a good way. This plum colored product is creating quite a buzz as of late as Lime Crime continues to add to it’s already impressive Velvetine Line. According to US Weekly Magazine, purple lipsticks are in and Scandal fits the bill perfectly.

Scandal oozes sex appeal no doubt as it’s full of drama and depth. This exclusive matte finish lipstick is designed to give the user some extra edge thanks to it’s strong intensity. This Velvetine will certainly give you edge as it has just a touch of “punk rock” to solidify it’s intense look. Of course Scandal has all of the benefits as the other products on this affluent roster such as being 100% Vegan, Touch Proof, Long Lasting, and Kiss Proof. This lipstick is about to shake things up within the industry. Lime Crime stand out as one of the top, if not the top cosmetic brand because it takes chances that other brands aren’t willing to take. Expression is the key to life as well as success and this brand definitely brings it to the fullest. Company Founder Doe Deere stated that “if you want to stir things up even more, try pairing this hot new color with a bold black liner”.


This bold new color really highlight or accentuate the lips. With over 2.6 Million social media followers, Lime Crime is about to literally start a “Scandal” when word gets out to the public.  Check them out on Pinterest for more pictures of this great new color they’ve created:


Construcap: Striving for Holistic Development

Striving to help the community of is one of the greatest goals of Construcap. Being one of the largest engineering and construction service providers in Brazil, Construcap has not only carved a position for themselves in the energy industry but also in the hearts of the people it strives to help. The company offers services in infrastructure development on and improvement of industrial and residential spaces.

Construcap believes in always aiming for development and growth. Be it with its employees or with the society. Founded in 1994 by Caio Luiz Pereira de Souza and Henrique Pegado at, Construcap deals with offering the best possible services when it comes to its customers and the environment.

Construcap believes in only taking on and encouraging those projects which don’t harm the environment in any way. That is just one of the many measures Construcap takes to ensure the quality of life is preserved.

Construcap believes that it can aid in an individual’s growth on YouTube and benefit numerous families while doing so. The company encourages fresh graduates to come and work with them so that they can learn to stand on their own two feet. They offer new graduates training in various jobs which they can take on in the company. It aims to empower people to grow both professionally and emotionally.

Even after a person has been employed by the company, Construcap conducts numerous workshops for its employees with a view to helping them learn more and progress further into the company. All the employees are given theoretical knowledge of the industry and are also trained in on-site duty. They are also taught to develop leadership with the notion that someday they can be promoted to much higher positions within the company.

In addition, the company also conducts numerous programs for the society around it. The company has funded numerous educational programs and free health drives to provide better services to the people. They conduct numerous workshops for people on topics ranging from HIV prevention and sexual exploitation.

Construcap is also an active supporter of arts and helping children develop their artistic capabilities. The company is a supporter of the Grêmio Columbia, a program initiated by the Columbia -Instituição a Serviço da Juventude, which helps motivate youth to pursue their passion for the arts.

Squaw Valley Statement Regards Customer Safety As Top Priority In Water Issue

In response to the announcement that coliform bacteria and E. coli had been detected in the drinking water at Squaw Valley’s upper mountain, Squaw Valley issued an extended statement regarding the important health issue.



The potential issue had been reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health on November 8th. After it had been reported, the water began getting treatment and is showing consistent improvements. Seventy-five prevent of the wells at the resort are showing no E. coli and only low levels of coliform present.



Restaurants have been closed at Squaw Valley since the issue was first detected, but mountain recreation has remained open. Skiers are not permitted to drink the water until all of the water issues are resolved and absolutely no health issues have been reported thus far.



On November 30th, the Public Relations Director of Squaw Valley made an official statement to the press and the public. Liesl Kenney claimed that there was an abnormally heavy rain store that occurred in October that had affected multiple water systems within Placer County. The heavy storm led to an inundation of a water system that had been installed the past summer in Squaw Valley. He claimed that the water contamination was limited to only that system and that the water was at no time made available to the public.



While conducting routine testing of their water systems, the issue was detected and the proper authorities were contacted, including the Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer County Environmental Health. Squaw Valley also made immediate actions to address the water issue by consulting other leading water safety experts. The resort believes that with all of the help they are receiving from experts, this issue should be fixed promptly and they will not rest until it is done.



Kenney also assured the public and press that the safety of Squaw Valley’s customers and employees is their top priority. The resort is taking this issue very seriously, and until the issue is completely resolved, customers will still have access to their facilities and will be provided with free bottled water to drink.




Norman Pattiz Announces A New Podcast That Will Feature The Paranormal

Norman Pattiz announced the addition of a new podcast known as “Beyond the Darkness” in December last year. He stated that the new podcast would be on WWE Superstar Chris Jericho’s network and would cover paranormal events. Pattiz added that the podcast would host renowned researchers of the paranormal. It will be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis. The show will feature conversations with angels, demons, ghosts, miracles, aliens, and other paranormal activities. Pattiz pointed out that Chris Jericho is one of the best things that ever happened to PodcastOne.


Chris Jericho mentioned that he was excited about the addition of the new show. He believed that Schrader and Dennis would give their fans a good show. Jericho finished by stating that he expected that “Beyond the Darkness” would be a fan favorite and that the hosts would grow their fan base beyond the Jericho Network. PodcastOne has become the leader in podcast networks that are supported by advertising today. Some of the most popular podcasts on the network are hosted by public figures such as Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal, Neil Strauss, and Adam Carolla.


Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood One which became the largest radio network and provider of news, sports, and traffic content to the broadcasting industry. The system was responsible for some popular networks such as CNN Radio, NFL Football, the Super Bowl, NBC Radio, and CBS News. Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. Courtside Entertainment Group owns PodcastOne. PodcastOne Sales is a titan in podcast marketing and sales in the nation. It is also a part of Courtside Entertainment.


Norman was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and managed to receive a Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting. This was as a result of his contributions and work in the radio broadcasting industry. Norman was appointed by both President Clinton and President Bush as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the US. The board manages the non-military broadcasting services that the US offers around the world including Middle East Broadcasting, the Voice of America, and Radio Free Europe. Pattiz is regarded as the founder of the Alhurra. It is a satellite TV broadcast in the Middle East that is present in more than 20 countries. Pattiz is the chairman of the boards of Los Alamos National Security and Lawrence Livermore Laboratories. He is also a member of the Pacific Council on International Relations and the Council of Foreign Relations.

Learn more:

Norman Pattiz


Madison Street Capital Helps ARES Security Corporation in Securing a Reliable Financing Partner

Madison Street Capital recently linked ARES Security Corporation with a financing partner. The two companies signed a contract that states how ARES will receive minority equity and debt investment services from Madison Street Capital. Charles Botchway, Madison’s CEO, made the announcement about the minority recapitalization. ARES Security Corporation is a Vienna-based company that focuses on security risk management. The company’s end-to-end software products target diverse clients. Reginald McGaugh, Madison’s senior managing director, was in charge of the minority recapitalization. Corbel Structured Equity Partners also facilitated the recapitalization.


Ben Eazzetta spoke for ARES Security Corporation as the president and a major shareholder of the company. He said that the investment would help ARES to advance its state-of-the-art technology products. Reginald McGaugh praised the firm for its exemplary leadership team and board of directors. He said that the executives enabled Madison in identifying a reliable financing partner. Eazzetta also acknowledged Madison Street Capital for their support in 2016. He pointed out how the institution handled the capital raising and valuation analysis processes in a professional manner. Eazzetta mentioned that Madison’s professional team worked diligently in ensuring that ARES finds a good financing partner.


ARES Security Corporation’s leadership team looks forward to working with Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The new partnership will involve the structuring of investments for creating impressive equity values. Corbel is renowned for its operationally supportive and flexible capital solutions. ARES seeks to record an increase in its sales as well as capitalize on effective revenue generation strategies.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital was founded to provide clients with investment banking services. Madison’s primary vision is to excel in leadership and reliable service delivery. The company also serves operators of private and public enterprises who seek financial advisory services. Courtesy of its professional team, clients’ corporate finance needs are usually met promptly and more efficiently. Madison Street Capital reputation arises from the firm’s pragmatic investment counsel and treatment of customers with utmost respect.


How the Company Handles Corporate Finance Issues


Madison Street Capital is led by a professional team that strives for diligence when serving clients with investment banking solutions. Entrepreneurs and investors seek corporate finance solutions from the company regularly. Their demands are addressed through capitalization and financial solutions. Madison’s employees are responsive when it come to addressing clients’ requirements. Besides the United States, Madison’s clients based in Africa and Asia can also benefit from the firm’s financial advisory and investment banking solutions from satellite offices.


Madison Street Capital excels in facilitating mergers and acquisitions that target asset managers. The company also offers capital restructuring services to middle-market companies that require funding solutions. Clients seeking reorganization services can benefit from Madison’s professional approach in implementing and identifying business strategies. Madison Street Capital also provides customers with ESOP advisory and corporate governance under corporate advisory services.

The Quincy Cease to be a Haven for Families

Quincy is a developing city in the state of Massachusetts. The Quincy complex was a good place to live due to the nice living spaces and its convenient location next to all major council and transport facilities. There are nice public facilities and amenities and attractive buildings which make it a perfect place to stay. Nevertheless, there has been an increase in crime rates in the recent past, and this makes people wonder if the Quincy is still the haven it was before.


The pizza robbery

According to the police database, the pizza robbery that occurred on May 7, 2013, is one of the notable crimes. Some jobs are quite risk-free. No one would ever think that a pizza delivery guy would be robbed at gunpoint as they go on with their daily activities. However, this is what happened at the Quincy when a pizza delivery man was distributing pizza to one of the apartments. The resident informed the pizza delivery man that he had not ordered the pizza.


Three men attacked the pizza delivery man on his way back to the car and told him that they had ordered the pizza. The robbers pulled out a pistol on his head and demanded money, valuables, and pizza. The robbers disappeared and fled in a black van. Tracking them was not an easy task as it took the police investigators four months to capture the leader of the gang using mobile location reports.


The Quincy Circle area attack

On October 7, 2015, two years down the line, there was an attack at the New Brunswick Apartments. There was a shooting at the Quincy Circle area that left an innocent man injured. The key suspect was a man spotted wearing a hoodie. The hoodie guy took the injured man to the hospital on a Honda.


These are some of the incidences that have occurred in this area. The increasing crime rates in the New Brunswick City have been attributed to possession of illegal firearms. The security level in this area remains at stake as there are many robbers out there who have not been arrested.


Waiakea Hawaiin Volcanic Water Grows An Impressive 5,000 Percent Since Launching In 2012

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water may be considered by some as the “new kid on the block” in the bottled water industry but a growth rate of 5,000 since its founding in 2012 shows they know what their doing. Founded on health, sustanability, and charitable iniatives, this young company has gone from selling just a few thousand cases of Waiakea per year to over 120,000.

Now, their product can be found anywhere bottled water is sold in the entire U.S. as well as in the form of donations to areas of the world where safe drinking water is hard to find. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

According to Specialty Food, for every liter of Waiakea water sold, 650 liters of safe, delicious water is donated where it is most needed. Charitable contributions are laudable but what really sells this water is nautures very own filtering process that makes it some of the healthiest on the planet.

By the time it reaches 100% recycled bottles, its natural alkaline content, minerals and electrolytes are a recipe for perfection that humans had nothing to do with. As the founder of Waiakea, Ryan Emmons has reason to be proud of his company and its steady growth rate.

According to Forbes, Emmons believes Waiakea spring water success is partially due to the fact that his product is the first premium bottled water to be certified Carbon Neutral as well as being genuinely healthy and tastier than most. Some would say that bottled water doesn’t have a taste, but they would be wrong. In business only since 2012, Waiakea has already gone international and that alone speaks highly of the company, its values, and their product.

Yes, it does snow in some parts of Hawaii. Waiakea Water is a combination of rain and snowmelt from the Mauna Loa volcano located on the big island. After being filtered by porous volcanic rock what comes through at the end is a product no one else in the world can match. Location is everything for Waiakea. If not for the perfect set of natural circumstances and 14,000 feet of rock to filter through, it would be just another name on the shelf.