End Citizens United’s 2018 House Endorsements Include 17 Champions

End Citizens United revealed its House endorsements list for the 2018 round. The endorsements cover 17 champions in financial reforms from ten states across the nation. The endorsed candidates will be linked to End Citizens United (ECU) three million members to help fight the profound influence of Big Money on our modern day democracy.


Speaking about the endorsement, Tiffany Mullar, Executive Director and President for End Citizen United revealed that the candidates who made it to the list are true heroes who have manifested notable efforts in their fight for campaign finance changes. Their presence in the campaign is crucial in the cleaning out of the faulty Washington system and finally get rid of Big Money on our political decisions.


ECU intends to work hand in hand with these candidates to spearhead Congress reforms that will finally put the reins on Big Money and people who literary try to buy the House.Currently, the group has endorsed Rob Quist and Jon Ossoff to the Congress.


The progressive group has also raised an impressive $1 million campaign money for Jon Ossoff. This money, however, does not have the Big Money effect since the contributions are from a vast number of members to the extent that the average contribution amount stood at $14.


This distribution of donation means that the campaign efforts are actually funded by a wide following as opposed to a small number of moguls whose interests might not necessary be in line with what the majority want for their nation.


ECU collected in excess of $4 million in the first three months of the year and hopes to gather at least $35 million before the 2018 Congress midterm elections get going. This is a great surge from the $25 million gathered during the 2016 elections.


According to Mr. Muller, over 100,000 people contributed to the course in 2017’s Q1. 40,000 of these contributors were first time givers. The improved number of people giving contributions could be a manifestation of what the society feels and thinks about political campaigns.


The person who is in a position to write the biggest check should not have the biggest voice in the country. Democracy is all about what the majority thinks is right no matter their financial position or influence in the society.


If the targets hold, ECU will cement its position as the biggest campaign finance reforms PAC in the country. So far, the organization has over 3 million active members who share a similar goal. Such is a very powerful number bearing in mind that these are people who are staunch believers of democracy and think that Big Money in political campaigns is standing between the nation and the actualization of true democracy.