David Osio’s Philanthropic Activities Have Gone Global!

David Osio is a prominent and successful businessman globally known for his efforts in making a difference in people’s lives following his philanthropic activities. These philanthropic activities revolve around supporting art, music, medical research as well as the community at large. For over two decades, David Osio, a well-established financial counsel expert, has engaged himself in different collaborations with a good number of non-profit organizations that strive to support people’s culture and art thus creating a conducive business environment within the communities. Besides growing financial services, David continues to increase his support on a global scale to organizations that focus on offering charitable services.

His Contribution in Philanthropy

David Osio’s efforts have been notably seen in his support for Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for the few years he has served as one of the members of the board. According to David Osio, who is the president of Davos Financial Group, his firm annually supports MISO and it is proud to see the foundation stay in operation each year as well as bring joy to community members through the donations. Furthermore, David is a long-time active supporter of the Children’s Orthopaedic Foundation, an international foundation. He plays an important role of sponsoring the EPK events that are held annually.

According to Osio, every little bit is crucial and significant in medical research. His hope is that someday the fortunate beneficiaries of the research will be able to make a big financial difference to ensure medical research becomes a success.

About David Osio

Popularly known as the CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group, David Osio successfully gives proper direction to the company thus positioning it on the top of the curve of both domestic and international markets.  In all the cities that Osio’s business ventures operate, he has made an effort to ensure charitable activities increase to a significant level.

Over the past two decades, Mr Osio has transformed his company, Davos Financial Group, to a global firm with offices in major and respected financial centers worldwide. David is a graduate of Catholic University Andres located in Caracas where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in law. With a humble beginning as a director in MGO legal desk, Osio has grown to a successful and renowned individual in the world of business.

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