Paul Mampilly; Scaling New Heights In The Investment Sector

Profits Unlimited, a survey initiative, has reached new heights regarding client numbers. Paul Mampilly established the service, which is still relatively new and currently has over 60,000 registered members. This remarkable achievement has placed the firm among the best, with it being recognized as one the most rapidly expanding entities in the industry.

Paul Mampilly kicked off his impressive career as a hedge fund manager, a job he did for over two decades. During his stint at this post, he worked in the famous Wall Street, serving under prominent institutions such as the Deutsche Bank, ING and Kinetics International. In a competition organized by the Templeton Foundation, Paul Mampilly bagged a prestigious award for doing what many considered inconceivable. He defied all odds including market crashes, to bring in a massive profit, worth over $30 million.

Later on, Mampilly moved on to Banyan Hill Publishing. It was here that he inaugurated the Profits Unlimited Incentive, a program geared towards assisting non-specialists in identifying the appropriate and profitable investment ventures. Subscribers to this publication are regularly informed on the most promising stocks. Further, Paul Mampilly conducts a follow-up on his website to track the progress of the investments.

Contrary to conventional investing, Profits Unlimited members buy shares on their own. This method is seen as a better alternative to the traditional way, where investors heavily relied upon financial advisors. Moreover, this technique has proven useful, going by the positive feedback given by the customers. Some of them have lauded it as the most productive investment they have ever made.

The collection of stocks is up by significant percentages. To cap it all a whopping 85% of the stocks are highly lucrative, with massive potential returns. The most notable performer is a semiconductor enterprise, whose stock grew by an incredible 160%.

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About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an established entrepreneur with vast experience in business, particularly the investment sector. Having started out as a hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly has progressed his illustrious career gradually, becoming one of the household names in the process.

His brainchild, Profits Unlimited, has earned multiple plaudits for repeatedly identifying the most profitable investments. For this reason, Paul Mampilly has been featured on popular news outlets, including the CNBC and Fox Business.