The Manse On Marsh Is Exciting and Comfortable For Residents

For many individuals, there may come a time when they may need to reside in an assisted living facility. This may be simply because there are not family or friends nearby that can help them with their day to day living needs or it may be because of a medical condition that requires frequent professional care. Whatever the reason it is important to choose a facility that can offer comfortable living accommodations as well as caring and qualified professionals that can assist with a variety of medical needs.


One such facility is The Manse On Marsh. This luxurious and practical assisted living facility is located in San Luis Obispo. It offers not only apartments but actual separate townhomes with up to three bedrooms.


The Manse On Marsh also has a wide variety of trained staff that eagerly wait to attend to the needs of the residents. There are physical therapists and licensed nurses on site. Full-service cleaning services are also provided so that residents can relax and enjoy their days at Manse On Marsh without being inconvenienced.


The Manse On Marsh welcomes inquiries about their facilities and would love to arrange a tour for you or your family so that you can see first hand all that the facility has to offer its residents. They will be thrilled to find that even the common rooms are designed like a grand hotel with many ornated touches and plenty of attention to detail. There is always something exciting taking place on the grounds. Even the residents have given outstanding reviews of The Manse On Marsh which has led to the facility winning several awards for its outstanding accommodations. Call today for more information.