Brian Bonar Knows Both Information Technology And Restaurant Buying

Brian Bonar is a businessman from the UK who knows a lot about software development and automated technology, and knows about financial planning and big business transactions. Bonar is most-known for being CEO and chairman of the board at the Dalrada Financial Corporation in San Diego, and he also founded Trucept, Inc. and was the CEO at Imaging Technologies at one time. He’s also served on the boards of many other businesses including AMS Outsourcing, the Amanda Company, Allegiant Professional Business Services and the Solvis Group.

Brian Bonar got his first degree in mechanical engineering from James Watt Technical School in the UK, and then got degrees in business from Strathclyde University and Staffordshire University. Bonar has 18 years of work as a technician and business consultant working for IBM in the UK, as well as other international branches with the tech giant.

After working at IBM, Bonar started getting interested in business outsourcing ideas, and as Executive Director of Engineering at QMS Inc he became a part of a large consulting firm. Bonar has also been with several large printer and copier companies and computer storage manufacturers including Bezier Systems, Adaptec Inc., and Imaging Technologies. He turned Imaging Technologies into a complete service company that guides clients through the installation process all the way through administrative management services.

Brian Bonar joined the Dalrada Financial Corporation in 1994 and has held several positions there including both COO and CEO. The Dalrada Financial Corporation sells employee benefits packages that are customized for small businesses who might not otherwise be able to afford them. Trucept Inc., a subsidiary that Bonar started under the company manages those benefits for small businesses in what’s known as a professional employer organization (PEO) relationship.

PEOs are hired by small and mid-sized businesses to take over human resource operations and accounting and payroll duties. PEOs usually recruit and hire employees for client companies as well, but the client company has the final say over what the employee’s duties will be and how long they stay on with the company.

Bonar not only has founded PEOs and managed business finances, he’s also been buying up restaurants in the Escondido, CA area. One of his latest such acquisitions is Bellamy’s Restaurant, a fine dining bistro located in downtown Escondido with a large menu to choose from. Bonar has also hired Master Chef of France, Patrick Ponsaty to run this restaurant and another restaurant at Bonar’s new Ranch at Bandy Canyon.