Bruce Levenson is committed to Change the Future of Non-Profit Business through the Do Good Initiative

The Do Good Initiative is a pioneer non-profit university program that is imparting business skills to undergraduates at the distinguished University of Maryland. The initiative was incepted in 2010 but gained momentum after the former Atlanta Hawks owner, Bruce Levenson, pumped into it a whopping $75 million in 2014. Students enrolled in the program are nurtured for future volunteerism and non-profit entrepreneurship and are also imparted with skills to help them navigate through the highly competitive market in the future.

Word from Bruce Levenson

According to Bruce, many entrepreneurial minds are wasted due to lack of some basic business skills. He once told Benzinga ( in an interview that some organizations established on brilliant ideas and headed by extraordinary people were struggling due to a deficiency of business competencies. This observation was the motivating factor behind Bruce’s involvement with the Do Good Initiative. In collaboration with Karen, his wife, they made a proposal to the University of Maryland to establish a Philanthropy 101 class, which was accepted. The class was started with a little boost from the state of Maryland, with the pioneer class receiving $10,000 each for philanthropic projects of their choice. Bruce expressed optimism towards the success of the initiative, noting that it would inspire other higher learning institutions in the United States to follow suit.

The Score Card

To this end, the program has witnessed tremendous success. Many of its graduates have gone ahead to create and manage non-profit businesses, and are doing impressively well at it. Case in point, former student Ben Simon masterminded a waste-management movement dubbed the Food Recovery Network. Students ran the movement exclusively, and it recorded a 100 percent success.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson, the former owner of Atlanta Hawks, is a Jewish-American businessman based in Washington D.C. He is the co-founder of the UCG and is predominantly involved in philanthropy, supporting organizations such as the SEED Foundation and the Seeds of Peace.

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