Soros Sees Trouble In Trump. We Should All Listen

George Soros is incredibly worried about the Trump Administration. I believe that the 86-year-old billionaire has the relevant experience to be afraid of the authoritarian president. I think we should all be listening to him.

Soros is so afraid of the negative effects of the Trump presidency that he has convened a meeting of the best political and legal minds in the world just days after the election. The three-day summit took place in Washington DC and brought in the likes of Elizabeth Warren.

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The goal of the summit was to plan short- and long-term opposition to any action taken by the Trump administration. This includes helping states to fight off his unconstitutional travel ban, fight back on climate change rollbacks and help states to navigate the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Strategists plan short term opposition in order to trip up Trump’s first 100 days. The first 100 days is usually the honeymoon period for any president where he can enact his campaign promises with the help of a cooperative legislature. Fortunately, it seems their short-term plans have been working because Trump hasn’t been able to get anything done in his first 100 days, including the long-awaited repeal of the ACA.

The summit also dug in for long-term plans. How would the democrats respond to such things as the Supreme Court nomination? Since the GOP has the ability to enact the “nuclear option”, the Neil Gorusch nomination is a tricky political river to navigate. It looks as though the left is digging in for a filibuster that could rock the country. Visit to know more about George.

Soros has a right to be worried about Trump. The hedge fund billionaire philanthropist was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. That would soon become a problem because he was born into a Jewish family, fortunately for the Soros family; his father was able to see the writing on the wall. Liquidating his family’s assets, George’s father was able to hide his identity with false identification documents. George Soros would survive the war while 500,000 Hungarian Jews would not.

George was just a teenager when the occupation started. He was able to see authoritarian rhetoric up close and personal. He sees the same dangerous words and actions coming out of Donald Trump.

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Then Soros became a refugee and immigrant before becoming a billionaire. He would put himself through the prestigious London School of Economics with odd jobs. He took a job in a merchant bank in England before raising $12 million to start a hedge fund on Wall Street.

As an American immigrant, he would make daring trades that saw him grow his wealth to $25 billion. He now runs his non-profit, the Open Society Foundation.

David Osio’s Philanthropic Activities Have Gone Global!

David Osio is a prominent and successful businessman globally known for his efforts in making a difference in people’s lives following his philanthropic activities. These philanthropic activities revolve around supporting art, music, medical research as well as the community at large. For over two decades, David Osio, a well-established financial counsel expert, has engaged himself in different collaborations with a good number of non-profit organizations that strive to support people’s culture and art thus creating a conducive business environment within the communities. Besides growing financial services, David continues to increase his support on a global scale to organizations that focus on offering charitable services.

His Contribution in Philanthropy

David Osio’s efforts have been notably seen in his support for Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for the few years he has served as one of the members of the board. According to David Osio, who is the president of Davos Financial Group, his firm annually supports MISO and it is proud to see the foundation stay in operation each year as well as bring joy to community members through the donations. Furthermore, David is a long-time active supporter of the Children’s Orthopaedic Foundation, an international foundation. He plays an important role of sponsoring the EPK events that are held annually.

According to Osio, every little bit is crucial and significant in medical research. His hope is that someday the fortunate beneficiaries of the research will be able to make a big financial difference to ensure medical research becomes a success.

About David Osio

Popularly known as the CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group, David Osio successfully gives proper direction to the company thus positioning it on the top of the curve of both domestic and international markets.  In all the cities that Osio’s business ventures operate, he has made an effort to ensure charitable activities increase to a significant level.

Over the past two decades, Mr Osio has transformed his company, Davos Financial Group, to a global firm with offices in major and respected financial centers worldwide. David is a graduate of Catholic University Andres located in Caracas where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in law. With a humble beginning as a director in MGO legal desk, Osio has grown to a successful and renowned individual in the world of business.

Sam Tabar Shares His Investment Expertise

Sam Tabar has extensive experience catering to hedge funds that is why he knows the ins and outs of the market and can provide valuable advice to the new investor. Sam is thought by many to be a prominent attorney in New York city and he is associated with many of the best lawyers in the industry. He began his legal career when he was fresh out of Columbia Law School. He received an offer from the firm Skadden Arps, Slater, Meagher, & Flom LLP and took the job with enthusiasm. It was there that he started specializing in hedge fund client. They shared with him intimate details of how they were making tens of millions of dollars and all the pitfalls that the novice investor should avoid. Sam has decided to help the new investor by sharing some of that knowledge here.

Sam Tabar thinks that the best investment strategy is to jump into the market in the right way. There are many people who save money over their lives and let the banks take care of it. This is not the wisest thing you can do. The banks invest your money. You will get a greater return if you do the investing yourself. Sam Tabar thinks that the new investor should focus on investing in the traditional stock market or in mutual funds. They are safe and they are diversified methods of investing. It is necessary for the newbie investor to minimize risk while still learning how the market works. That is why new investors need to stay away from the commodities market.

In the commodities market, there is a high level of volatility. Many people jump into it because they see the great opportunity but they don’t understand that success in this arena requires extensive research for long term profits. That is how the market works. It might also be wise to get to know individual private businesses and engage in social investing.  Read more about Sam on Pinterest.

The Enigma That is Michael Zomber

On June 12, Michael Zomber appeared on the iUniverse podcast to discuss Shogun Iemitsu, which is his a new book. During the interview, he goes into detail about his love for Japanese culture and history in general. Mr. Michael Zomber has had a passion for antique guns for many years. He has spent the last four decades collecting antique armor and weapons. He has gained a lot of knowledge, which he wants to share with the world. He has a show on the History Channel where he shares his knowledge on antique guns.

However, his passion is not limited to guns only. Michael Zomber also has a passion for other ancient weapons. He is especially interested in ancient Japanese weapons. One of his most important literal works was titled Bushido, Soul of the Samurai. Besides that, he co-owns a film company with his wife. Due to what he does, he felt it was right that he work with organizations that foster peace. He is very interested in the Bushido way, which is how ancient samurais conducted themselves. He applies these principles in many aspects of his life.

Mr. Zomber spends his days producing independent films or authoring a book. So far, he has five books to his name. In short, Michael Zomber is a storyteller. He has a literature degree from UCLA. His stories are told through his books but also through Renascent Films, the independent film company that he and his wife own. The partnership with the History Channel has given him a platform to tell his stories to a global audience. His appreciation and deep understanding of how guns are crafted can be seen in the show.

His passion for philanthropy can also be visibly seen. He and his wife support many domestic and international organizations that seek to de-escalate violence to improve lives. The Zombers have imparted their beliefs in their children.

It has not been smooth sailing for Mr. Zomber. At one time, he was convicted of fraud for over pricing antique guns.

Jim Hunt is Going to Make His Mom a Millionaire

In today’s investment market there are some negative thoughts about the average investor being able to make a profit. People say that due to the limited amount of options for untrained investors there is little chance they can make a steady profit. This is due to the fact that the average person is restricted to the stock market because the government feels that riskier investment options are to financially dangerous and not understood by non-trained investors.

Jim Hunt from VTA Publications, however, feels this is not true. The professional trader believes he has a method that anyone can follow and make cash from that proves these thoughts wrong. To prove it Jim Hunt has started the quest to make his mom a millionaire by just using a 1,000 pounds and his skills. His method revolves around finding the stocks that are almost guaranteed to rise at a steady rate. He feels this method is great because it bypasses the risky one-time wonder stocks, that either bankrupt you or make you rich.

Instead, his technique gives you a solid idea that you are going to make money, meaning the more you invest the more you are going to make. To give proof of the feat he is trying to accomplish he has been posting all his steps on youtube as he goes through his technique. This way he is able to help all the common investors out there take advantage of the stock market and make the profit they have always wanted.

Jim Hunt is just one of the many workers at VTA Publications that give great financial and economic advice. The company is a non-fiction publisher of distance learning courses and an events organizer that specializes in economics and finances On top of this, they also provide a booking service for those looking to have a financial expert talk at a seminar.