The Example of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was established in 1991 and is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company is the world leader in the distribution of documents and verification of those documents to retail banking and mortgage institutions. Eight out of the top ten mortgage and banking establishment in the retail sphere use Nationwide for their wholesale documentation and verification processes.


Nationwide has access to every county in the United States because that is where all of the primary property documents are stored. The majority of these items are available on a digital basis, but some are not. Some documents are still on the original paper, stored in a manilla file folder in a metal cabinet. Some documents get damaged, lost, or destroyed, and yet Nationwide still has resources to be able to get documentation in these areas.


Nationwide currently enjoys a 99.8 percent accuracy record in the procurement of documents which is phenomenal considering the sheer volume that the company handles. It has over 3,600 plus jurisdictions that are recording locations, and that creates a mountain of documentation and verification nightmares for most document companies.


A big factor that Nationwide knows for sure that drives the successful results of the company is the company’s very talented and well-trained employees. When employees are hired correctly in the first place, you gain better employees in the long run.


Employee training is a big plus as well, as Nationwide not only has one of the best training for new employees, its career training modules are among the best. The company has a whole litany of college-level advanced training modules. These programs are an essential part of continuing education that helps employees to advance in the company and become cross-trained in many areas.


The large commitment to technology is another major factor in the company’s success. Faster access, as well as greater accuracy, has been demonstrated with the kind of results that Nationwide has provided. By taking the human element out of routine tasks that are repetitive and prone to error is a key part of moving forward with accuracy.


John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide has consistently stated that company objectives have to be the result of high standards. Those standards must be made public so accountability can be assigned and demonstrated. This handles compliance issues at the source of any problems. Companies who fail to do this become the compliance problem.


The enviable track record of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is likely to be replicated in future years, as continual monitoring of procedures and processes will be continued.


Madison Street Capital Helps ARES Security Corporation in Securing a Reliable Financing Partner

Madison Street Capital recently linked ARES Security Corporation with a financing partner. The two companies signed a contract that states how ARES will receive minority equity and debt investment services from Madison Street Capital. Charles Botchway, Madison’s CEO, made the announcement about the minority recapitalization. ARES Security Corporation is a Vienna-based company that focuses on security risk management. The company’s end-to-end software products target diverse clients. Reginald McGaugh, Madison’s senior managing director, was in charge of the minority recapitalization. Corbel Structured Equity Partners also facilitated the recapitalization.


Ben Eazzetta spoke for ARES Security Corporation as the president and a major shareholder of the company. He said that the investment would help ARES to advance its state-of-the-art technology products. Reginald McGaugh praised the firm for its exemplary leadership team and board of directors. He said that the executives enabled Madison in identifying a reliable financing partner. Eazzetta also acknowledged Madison Street Capital for their support in 2016. He pointed out how the institution handled the capital raising and valuation analysis processes in a professional manner. Eazzetta mentioned that Madison’s professional team worked diligently in ensuring that ARES finds a good financing partner.


ARES Security Corporation’s leadership team looks forward to working with Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The new partnership will involve the structuring of investments for creating impressive equity values. Corbel is renowned for its operationally supportive and flexible capital solutions. ARES seeks to record an increase in its sales as well as capitalize on effective revenue generation strategies.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital was founded to provide clients with investment banking services. Madison’s primary vision is to excel in leadership and reliable service delivery. The company also serves operators of private and public enterprises who seek financial advisory services. Courtesy of its professional team, clients’ corporate finance needs are usually met promptly and more efficiently. Madison Street Capital reputation arises from the firm’s pragmatic investment counsel and treatment of customers with utmost respect.


How the Company Handles Corporate Finance Issues


Madison Street Capital is led by a professional team that strives for diligence when serving clients with investment banking solutions. Entrepreneurs and investors seek corporate finance solutions from the company regularly. Their demands are addressed through capitalization and financial solutions. Madison’s employees are responsive when it come to addressing clients’ requirements. Besides the United States, Madison’s clients based in Africa and Asia can also benefit from the firm’s financial advisory and investment banking solutions from satellite offices.


Madison Street Capital excels in facilitating mergers and acquisitions that target asset managers. The company also offers capital restructuring services to middle-market companies that require funding solutions. Clients seeking reorganization services can benefit from Madison’s professional approach in implementing and identifying business strategies. Madison Street Capital also provides customers with ESOP advisory and corporate governance under corporate advisory services.