ARES Security to get Minority Capitalization from Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is one of the most successful firms in investment banking in the world. The company has a good number of high profile clients and their investment and capital base keeps expanding. One of the latest deals that they have taken part in was with ARES Security Corporation whereby they have helped them settle minority equity and subordinated debt investment. ARES is a security firm that is based in Vienna, Virginia. The deal was announced by the CEO of Madison, stating that the entire transaction was led by the company’s management team.

The manager who was in charge of the entire process, Reginald McGaugh said that he was very happy to have been part of the team that interacted with ARES and in specific, the president of the organization, Ben Eazzetta. He was happy that the entire process was successful and especially because the correct processes were followed when the decision was being made.

The team that manages ARES was also happy about the entire process. They were excited that MCP had come through for them and helped them get the best possible business partner. They stated that with the new partnership, things were looking up for them and that they were hoping that their merger with Corbel would create a significant equity value. They were impressed by the sheer number of industry contacts that Corbel has and stated that the merger between them would be mutually beneficial.

ARES offers protection for the most sensitive and critical assets from around the world. The areas that they deal with include nuclear energy, provision of transportation services among other services. The company has been in operation since 2013 and has 95 million dollars as their present asset base. Their area of specialization is the lower middle market companies and they deal mainly with preferred returns. These are the qualities that make the company the ideal partner for ARES

About MCP

Madison Street Capital reputation has a dedication to offer great leadership, service, excellence and customer satisfaction when they are offering advisory services for companies. They give guidance and related services to companies that are either public or privately owned. They have a wide reach that encompasses North and South America, Asia and Africa. The sectors where they have invested include health care, manufacturing, oil and gas, among many others. They have trust from their entire customer base and the reviews that they get from them indicate that they are doing a wonderful job.

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