Securus and the future of inmate communications

Inmates within correctional facilities find many ways to pass their time. Television shows like MSNBC’s Lockup show viewers creative solutions prisoners can find to their problems. Few people realize that these shows are full of creative but illegal engineering. Not all of the creative inventions shown on prison shows are geared towards creating weaponry. Some prisoner innovations are harmless.


One example of a harmless non-traditional use of products is using M&Ms and other colored candies available as cosmetics. Securus Technologies is looking to change the future of inmate communications to make the illegal use of cell phones by prisoners less tempting. The changes include making it easier and cheaper for inmates to communicate while making it easier for prisons officials to track down and crack down on contraband items.


The CEO of Securus Technologies recently issued a press release to discuss the direction of the company. While commenting on the direction of the company, he also commented on the direction of the inmate communications industry.


Securus plans on continuing to reduce prices charged for their calls while expanding the services available to inmates. It sees more extensive wireless communications containment systems being deployed while expanding prisoner access to mobile devices.


The company is currently renting tablets to many inmates and letting some prisoners in facilities use smart devices for free. The company plans to expand into rehabilitation and education areas. The company is currently the leader in providing video visitation services in may correctional facilities across the country.



Inmates can now Smile- Thanks to the Securus Video Visitation Program

Inmates can find a hard time to lead a normal lifestyle due to lack of frequent communication with family members. For households with an incarcerated members, communication is not important to solve family issues; it helps to strengthen unity and the family bond. Maybe this is why several families spend lots of hours and time visiting loved ones in correction facilities. The visits are usually not easy. In case one is a single time, they will be working full time to sustain the entire family. Scheduling a visit from the working hours is difficult as one’s schedule is fully occupied. Families can choose another method to communicate with their loved ones in prisons.


Securus Technologies has introduced a new product that helps families keep in touch with incarcerated relatives. It allows inmates to watch their children as they grow. Through the visitation technology, convicts have been able to share special family moments. The result has been a decrease in violence among criminals. Securus Technologies has availed the communication through the use of a video visitation technology program. The technology makes use of the internet and web camera to realize the connection. Parents can interact with their children through the use of a computer, tablet or smartphone. The video technology has created several opportunities for fathers to feel a sense of warmth with their children.


The main application is available from Google Play and Apple Store. The app is downloadable for free. Once your application has been approved, you can contact the facility where your loved one is held. I think that the application is a game changer for correction facilities. It has provided an efficient communication means for people behind bars. The program has changed the way inmates connect and interact with their families when serving jail time. The technology provided by Securus is unlike any other program in the market. The quality that comes with the video is crystal clear. Securus has built a high-data transfer to ensure excellent internet connectivity. Additionally, engineers at Securus have made sure that there are no glitches when conducting a video call. The result has been a robust system that makes communication smooth and flawless.


I think that the video platform is going to give family members another chance to make contact with their loved ones. Family members can also plan for a physical visit to prisons if the video visitation program is not enough. The use of monitoring and live recording in the visitation program has ensured that no unwanted communication occurs.