Investment Bank- Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an International investment bank based in Chicago. The financial investment bank acted exclusively as a financial advisor in the organization of minority equity and subordinate debt financing for its client ARES Security Corporation an organization based in Vienna, VA. ARES security corporation is one of the leading security companies that distributes risk management services in the United States. The security company provides high quality security software solution. The minority recapitalization was offered by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The deal was announced by Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital Mr. Charles Botchway, and the transaction was led the senior managing Director of Madison Street Capital Reginald McGaugh.

The managing Director at Madison Street Capital mentioned that it was such an honor to work directly with the President and shareholder of ARES Security Ben Eazzetta in the provision of the investment. Ares Security can well be described as a unique organization which offers technological security solutions which are meant to protect the world and its most valuable resources. The senior managing Director at Madison Street Capital also mentioned that ARES is one of the security companies that has the most super management team as well as a board that challenged Madison Street Capital to look for the suitable financial partner.

Ben of ARES Security did not forget to show his gratitude by thanking Madison Street Capital for their support and the effort they showed in 2016, and all the task they assisted them to complete. Ben also said that they were impressed by the whole process not forgetting the due determination, the capital raising process, and the rating analysis. Madison’s efforts enabled ARES to find the right partners.

Madison Street Capital a global investment firm that has a primary responsibility of distributing products as well as services to corporates, and individuals. Madison offers services including mergers, acquisition, and corporate financial advisory services. Madison Street Capital reputation is built on earnestness, integrity, quality and service delivery.

Madison Street Capital offers services and products that have been of great benefit to their customers assisting them to succeed in the international market. Madison prides its success on the success of their clients. The organization takes its client goals and objective and make them theirs. Some of their client’s goals include; financial advisory and capital raising to M&A deals which assist in the transfer of ownership. Since its inception, Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of their clients.


Property Reports Made Easy: Nationwide Title Clearing Makes Online Ordering Available

Title defects have caused many players in the real estate market to be anxious about the security of their properties. Some people consider this as the main cause of wrongful foreclosures. Others, however, think that they are responsible for causing stagnation of what would otherwise be a trouble-free transition of assets in the market. Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) executives hold that property records helps to ensure a clear title conveyance and significantly brings down the risk of foreclosing or buyback. NTC has taken firm steps to ensure the process of securing property reports becomes quite simple. They recently launched a revamped website for this purpose.


Most title defects occur when a person or a corporate entity lay a claim on a property that another entity or person already owns. But other than this, several other factors can render a title invalid. Issues with wording, failure to incorporate the signature of any party to the transaction, the presence of liens and other encumbrances on the document, and failure to follow filing or recording procedures are some of these additional factors.


For these reasons, NTC CEO John Hillman advises that it is important to address title defects well before the property is transferred or sold. With the sole aim of helping the evolving mortgage industry, this organization has made current owner reports, tax status reports, tax status (plus) reports, and assignment verification report services available through online ordering.


Nationwide Title Clearing is focused on providing a simple, procedural process of securing property reports, and their services are based on research carried out from actual land records. NTC obtains data from many credible sources and relies on both automation and human verification, a practice that has enabled them to successfully offer services to some of the largest lenders in the United States under the most critical and heavily audited compliance regulations. According to NTC officials, their process produces very reliable results and recognizes the reports’ financial impact. The organization also attributes their success to having an in-depth understanding of the result that their clients need. Moreover, they customize property reports and include the correct sets of data.


About Nationwide Title Clearing


Nationwide Title Clearing was established in 1991 and has risen to be the top post-closing services provider for some of the largest financial institutions, servicers, and investors in the United States. This Florida-based research and document-processing organization is known not only for delivering the best level of accuracy but also preserving the nation’s land records, assisting the mortgage banking industry, and protecting homeowners.

Inmates can now Smile- Thanks to the Securus Video Visitation Program

Inmates can find a hard time to lead a normal lifestyle due to lack of frequent communication with family members. For households with an incarcerated members, communication is not important to solve family issues; it helps to strengthen unity and the family bond. Maybe this is why several families spend lots of hours and time visiting loved ones in correction facilities. The visits are usually not easy. In case one is a single time, they will be working full time to sustain the entire family. Scheduling a visit from the working hours is difficult as one’s schedule is fully occupied. Families can choose another method to communicate with their loved ones in prisons.


Securus Technologies has introduced a new product that helps families keep in touch with incarcerated relatives. It allows inmates to watch their children as they grow. Through the visitation technology, convicts have been able to share special family moments. The result has been a decrease in violence among criminals. Securus Technologies has availed the communication through the use of a video visitation technology program. The technology makes use of the internet and web camera to realize the connection. Parents can interact with their children through the use of a computer, tablet or smartphone. The video technology has created several opportunities for fathers to feel a sense of warmth with their children.


The main application is available from Google Play and Apple Store. The app is downloadable for free. Once your application has been approved, you can contact the facility where your loved one is held. I think that the application is a game changer for correction facilities. It has provided an efficient communication means for people behind bars. The program has changed the way inmates connect and interact with their families when serving jail time. The technology provided by Securus is unlike any other program in the market. The quality that comes with the video is crystal clear. Securus has built a high-data transfer to ensure excellent internet connectivity. Additionally, engineers at Securus have made sure that there are no glitches when conducting a video call. The result has been a robust system that makes communication smooth and flawless.


I think that the video platform is going to give family members another chance to make contact with their loved ones. Family members can also plan for a physical visit to prisons if the video visitation program is not enough. The use of monitoring and live recording in the visitation program has ensured that no unwanted communication occurs.

Wikipedia, Your Best Online Partner

Esther Belin is a multimedia artist who won a Pushcart award for her work. But she doesn’t have any articles about her work on Wikipedia which is the first online stop for many researchers. Wikipedia has a small amount of content about indigenous people. The encyclopedia is calling upon people to assist in improving its coverage.

Every October, Wiki-conference participants hold an annual conference for Wikipedia enthusiasts. In this meeting, they flesh out articles about other indigenous people and Native Americans. It is a tactic adopted by individuals who are interested in expanding Wikipedia’s coverage of forgotten groups. After a survey in 2011 concerning Wikipedia editors, it revealed that only 8% of writers are female.

How can one of the biggest web based project that has over 5.3 million articles in English and over 29 million account holders have so much little content about indigenous people? It’s because of its geographical access. In 2015, Oxford University researchers did a study on how authors represent cultures and places around the world. They discovered that Americans or people living in first world countries rarely take on articles that represent their cultures. Also In 2015, a report by FCC revealed that 63% of tribal land residents do not have broadband access.

Lack of internet access means fewer people contribute to Wikipedia’s growth, but also Wikipedia’s policies hinder Wikipedia page creation associated with indigenous populations. In 2013, an English professor at the University of New Hampshire together with his Native American students worked to update and add Wikipedia articles that talked about Native American authors. However, most of the Wikipedia pages which they posted were either contested because of their lack of notability or deleted.

Benefits of a Wikipedia page for business or a biography

Having a Wikipedia page means that you can create or edit a Wiki page or business post on their website which does well for SEO and marketing purposes.

Added authenticity to your persona or brand

In the event you’re running a business, Wikipedia gives you a greater visibility in search engines thus generating more sales.

It’s for this reason that your business or biography archives an automatic SEO boost on Google to enjoy. Alternatively, Get Your Wiki is also another site found at Get Your Wiki which offers unmatched benefits as an account holder of Wikipedia. The site guarantees an individual or a business of double online presence at their home site and their Wikipedia page as one of the top five search results.

Why Cone Marshall Has Ranked Internationally In Few Years

Cone Marshall has emerged among the best law firms in New Zealand due to their unique approach when dealing with tax laws and property litigation. The firm has since inception in 1999 maintained the need to offer clients quality services that are backed by professionals whose past careers reflect their dedication and talent in the area of law.

To enhance the service delivery of the firm, few professionals who specialize in various aspects of law have been invited to work with clients from different parts of the world. This ensures no mistakes are made along the way since the professionals selected are people with the familiarity certain sections of law require.

Another aspect that has ensured Cone Marshall proceeds seamlessly is the presence of a leadership team that is focused on elevating the status of the firm. They work with professionals who have been in the industry for many years to ensure the planning and execution aspect of the firm is handled by people who can be trusted.

One of the professionals who have brought great support to Cone Marshall is Karen Marshall, a lawyer with over 15 years in the field of law. She was appointed to work with the firm in 2005 where she started as a lawyer but one year later she was given the position of the principal, and her role is to oversee the operations of the company and come up with suggestions that can make better changes.

Also in the company is Geoffrey Cone, who holds a leadership position that has led to the transformation of the firm into an internationally recognized entity. Geoffrey holds more than 20 years experience as a lawyer and his input has helped Cone Marshall to maintain fair practices in all levels.

More about Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall is a leading law firm in New Zealand that has invested in the provision of legal support in the areas of tax laws and estate litigation. Due to the diversity the firm has adopted over the years, they work with international clients who present problems in different areas of law. Their mastery of the industry has won the firm a great reputation and their trust levels have gone high due to the clear history they have maintained while working with clients from different parts of the world.