Obtaining Investment Options from Equities First


Over the past few years, the average consumer has likely found that it is getting harder and harder to obtain unsecured personal loans that do not have a personal guaranty requirement. This is largely due to changes in the economy and credit markets, which have tightened significantly. Since getting a non-recourse personal loan from a bank can be difficult, many people are now turning to loans that are secured by their personal investment and securities portfolio.


A loan that is secured by your stock and other investment portfolio is often considered a very beneficial loan for both the consumer and the lender. From the lender’s perspective they will have a security and lien on a very liquid asset. In the event that you no longer are making regular loan payments, the lender will be able to take control of the account and liquidate the assets if necessary.


From a borrower’s perspective, these types of loans are beneficial because they are cheap and affordable, do not require any additional personal recourse, and provide you with capital without having to deal with the tax implications that come with selling stock. Many borrowers that take out these types of loans can also take advantage of margin-based products. Margin accounts give you the ability to buy more stock and earn more money that you would otherwise.


One of the leading providers of stock secured loans is Equities First. The company, which has been providing flexible financing options for those in need of personal capital, has been in business for over 15 years. They have a reputation for coming up with creating financing and capital solutions for all of their clients. Thus far, they have paid out more than $1.4 billion in loans to consumers and businesses looking to capitalize on their investment portfolio.


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