The Quincy Cease to be a Haven for Families

Quincy is a developing city in the state of Massachusetts. The Quincy complex was a good place to live due to the nice living spaces and its convenient location next to all major council and transport facilities. There are nice public facilities and amenities and attractive buildings which make it a perfect place to stay. Nevertheless, there has been an increase in crime rates in the recent past, and this makes people wonder if the Quincy is still the haven it was before.


The pizza robbery

According to the police database, the pizza robbery that occurred on May 7, 2013, is one of the notable crimes. Some jobs are quite risk-free. No one would ever think that a pizza delivery guy would be robbed at gunpoint as they go on with their daily activities. However, this is what happened at the Quincy when a pizza delivery man was distributing pizza to one of the apartments. The resident informed the pizza delivery man that he had not ordered the pizza.


Three men attacked the pizza delivery man on his way back to the car and told him that they had ordered the pizza. The robbers pulled out a pistol on his head and demanded money, valuables, and pizza. The robbers disappeared and fled in a black van. Tracking them was not an easy task as it took the police investigators four months to capture the leader of the gang using mobile location reports.


The Quincy Circle area attack

On October 7, 2015, two years down the line, there was an attack at the New Brunswick Apartments. There was a shooting at the Quincy Circle area that left an innocent man injured. The key suspect was a man spotted wearing a hoodie. The hoodie guy took the injured man to the hospital on a Honda.


These are some of the incidences that have occurred in this area. The increasing crime rates in the New Brunswick City have been attributed to possession of illegal firearms. The security level in this area remains at stake as there are many robbers out there who have not been arrested.