Construcap: Striving for Holistic Development

Striving to help the community of is one of the greatest goals of Construcap. Being one of the largest engineering and construction service providers in Brazil, Construcap has not only carved a position for themselves in the energy industry but also in the hearts of the people it strives to help. The company offers services in infrastructure development on and improvement of industrial and residential spaces.

Construcap believes in always aiming for development and growth. Be it with its employees or with the society. Founded in 1994 by Caio Luiz Pereira de Souza and Henrique Pegado at, Construcap deals with offering the best possible services when it comes to its customers and the environment.

Construcap believes in only taking on and encouraging those projects which don’t harm the environment in any way. That is just one of the many measures Construcap takes to ensure the quality of life is preserved.

Construcap believes that it can aid in an individual’s growth on YouTube and benefit numerous families while doing so. The company encourages fresh graduates to come and work with them so that they can learn to stand on their own two feet. They offer new graduates training in various jobs which they can take on in the company. It aims to empower people to grow both professionally and emotionally.

Even after a person has been employed by the company, Construcap conducts numerous workshops for its employees with a view to helping them learn more and progress further into the company. All the employees are given theoretical knowledge of the industry and are also trained in on-site duty. They are also taught to develop leadership with the notion that someday they can be promoted to much higher positions within the company.

In addition, the company also conducts numerous programs for the society around it. The company has funded numerous educational programs and free health drives to provide better services to the people. They conduct numerous workshops for people on topics ranging from HIV prevention and sexual exploitation.

Construcap is also an active supporter of arts and helping children develop their artistic capabilities. The company is a supporter of the Grêmio Columbia, a program initiated by the Columbia -Instituição a Serviço da Juventude, which helps motivate youth to pursue their passion for the arts.