Bruce Levenson Looks To Draw A Line Under His Ownership Of The Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise is one of the most historic in basketball and has been through many ups and downs over the course of its life, but under the leadership of Bruce Levenson the franchise reached unprecedented heights of success in the recent history of the one time NBA Champion. Bruce Levenson sold the Hawks franchise to Tony Ressler in June 2015 ( in what should have been a simple handover of power, an insurance claim made against a policy held with AIG is still dragging on for Levenson and his fellow former owners as they look to bring their ownership of the Hawks to a close.

Bruce Levenson has become one of the most innovative and resourceful members of the analytical industry as the co-founder and leader of the United Communications Group; UCG began life in a spare room as Levenson and his business partner Ed Peskowitz set out to create a new way of exploring the oil and gas industries in terms of providing up to the second information. Levenson has had a range of interests that include philanthropy, particularly in his home state of Maryland and the Atlanta region where he has been an important community leader throughout his time as the head of the Hawks franchise.

Bruce Levenson is now looking for compensation from AIG over what he believes is an insurance policy that should have been paid out on at the time of Danny Ferry’s contract termination. The insurance policy is now the subject of a legal claim that will be heard in a Fulton County Court where Bruce Levenson and his team hope to be awarded the value of the claim made and a 50 percent fine against AIG. Information on this article can be sourced from Wikipedia.

“Scandal”: Lime Crime’s New Explosive Lipstick

In the world of cosmetology, evolution is the key to success and you don’t evolve with the times you’ll get left behind. Lime Crime has done it yet again with the introduction of it’s hot new Velvetine Lipstick. For those whom are wanting a bit more drama in their life or to simply add some “wow” effect to your style, Lime Crime’s Scandal Lipstick will surely give it to you. Scandal has a rich purple-violet color and plenty of attitude, but in a good way. This plum colored product is creating quite a buzz as of late as Lime Crime continues to add to it’s already impressive Velvetine Line. According to US Weekly Magazine, purple lipsticks are in and Scandal fits the bill perfectly.

Scandal oozes sex appeal no doubt as it’s full of drama and depth. This exclusive matte finish lipstick is designed to give the user some extra edge thanks to it’s strong intensity. This Velvetine will certainly give you edge as it has just a touch of “punk rock” to solidify it’s intense look. Of course Scandal has all of the benefits as the other products on this affluent roster such as being 100% Vegan, Touch Proof, Long Lasting, and Kiss Proof. This lipstick is about to shake things up within the industry. Lime Crime stand out as one of the top, if not the top cosmetic brand because it takes chances that other brands aren’t willing to take. Expression is the key to life as well as success and this brand definitely brings it to the fullest. Company Founder Doe Deere stated that “if you want to stir things up even more, try pairing this hot new color with a bold black liner”.


This bold new color really highlight or accentuate the lips. With over 2.6 Million social media followers, Lime Crime is about to literally start a “Scandal” when word gets out to the public.  Check them out on Pinterest for more pictures of this great new color they’ve created: