Who is the GREATEST anime character of all time?


he wonderful world of anime has given us more interesting characters than, well, we can even comprehend. There have been countless characters that have stolen our hearts on screen but today we are going to go one step further in our admiration: we’re going to pick the BEST of them. Today let’s talk about the greatest anime characters of all time. Does your guy or girl make the list?


  1. Goku

We can’t start any male anime characters list without including Goku. We got to meat young Goku way back in 1988 in Shonen Jump. Since then we’ve grown up with Goku and watched as he’s evolved from a little Saiyan child to the King of Fighters. Goku is still going strong almost 30 years later and nobody will ever top him. He’s the perfect hero and at on of fun to watch on screen.


  1. Vash

We’ve got to go to bat for our boy, Vash the Stampede. Vash is the star of sci fi anime ‘Trigun’ and he’s one of our favorite protagonists in all of anime. Vash is a perfect blend of dangerous and hilarious. He’s stronger than you think and his ability to take enemies unaware is just a joy to watch. He’s naive, selfless, and heroic.


  1. Spike Spiegel

We’ll close our list out with the lead character from the class Netflix anime ‘Cowboy Bebop’. Spike has a deep backstory, wonderful character development, and he’s lucky to be in a top 5 anime of all time. Spiegel can kick butt, gorge on Ramen, and crack a joke.