Rest Assured with Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Undergoing surgical procedures can be intimidating and be a significant source of anxiety. The initial goal of anesthetic practice is to alleviate pain and stress before, during and after a surgery, making for a better preparation and recovery. The Capitol Anesthesiology Association ensures that trained professionals provide the administration of anesthetic chemicals is done in proper location and dosage. The CAA also provides for communities with groups on the mission to further knowledge and familiarity with providing this form of care where it is not as commonplace.

The three types of practice the CAA services are: General Anesthesia (when the patient put into a sleep state so as not complicate the surgery), Regional Anesthesia for just a particular limb or section of the body and Local Anesthesia/ MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care) which is small dosage in the immediate proximity of the surgery that involves soft tissue. All of these types are performed by Certified Registered Nurses Anesthetist professionals to ensure due diligence and collecting accurate data for providing better procedures for future practice.