See The World and Protect The Environment

The Wild Ark has one certain priority in mind, and that is to explore, save and to protect the environment at all costs. Everyday the environment continues to decline, but with foundations and people like these, the environment can be saved one step at a time. The environment affects what is all around us. It is truly all of our jobs to protect it and everything that lives within it, including ourselves. Wild ark has a huge mission on their hands, not only does the foundation travel and explore the world; but protection plans are also put in place to keep the environment safe and thriving.

Wild Ark also strives to create unique opportunities and research for people so that they can interact with nature and wildlife first hand, the goal is to hopefully inspire people to want to protect it. The whole project was founded by a husband and a wife, Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. They also have an extraordinary team working along with them. With such a great following behind them, the team has already achieved some extraordinary goals. They should be proud of the work they have already done.

One great Eco friendly place to explore is Costa Rica, between the scenery and sandy beaches, with a wide array of exotic species, there is a huge variety of plants and animals. The Island also has quite a few wildlife refugees. This would be an amazing place for the Wild Ark to explore and possibly help out with, because there are many species that are endangered and still need help protecting, and to be honest the island really needs all the help that it can get. Resources are not always on hand when it comes to places like this. Wild Ark could definitely provide assistance with funding and help with the other resources that may be needed and may be helpful. Another reason why Costa Rica would be a good place is because the team could gain research experience and valuable experience in the field with the animals and wildlife in the environment.

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Using Wen by Chaz Dean Products for Good-looking Hair

Have you had time to watch the infomercials by Wen by Chaz Dean? If you have, you may have seen the gorgeous woman flaunting her hair and swearing by the cleansing conditioner. When you start taking good care of your hair, the truth is that it will look good. However, finding the right products to do exactly this may be a challenge.

Most of the products on the shelves of Sephora beauty stores claim that they can give you good and healthy-looking hair in just a few days. However, most of them do not live up to this promise. If you are looking for a good and reliable product, try Wen by Chaz Dean today.

WEN hair cleansing conditioners are a different kind of products. They are basically an all-in-one cleanser which contains shampoo, styling treatment and conditioner properties all in one container. The manufacturers of these products swear that the conditioner works like magic. Additionally, the hair moisture and shine is enhanced tremendously.

Washing dirty hair needs tact, reveals Wikipedia. When you have a cleansing conditioner such as the one by Wen, you are good to go. The conditioner is suited for any hair type, whether frizzy or not. The container has directions on the number of pumps to use on your hair depending on its volume and length. Many users of the product think that the amount is a bit too much but you should not worry. Your hair will not be greasy after the wash.

When you wash your hair with the cleansing conditioner, you will also notice that there will be no breakage. Once you rinse it, all you have to do is style it as you wish. Getting healthy, bouncy and textured hair is as easy as finding the right product to use. With Wen by Chaz Dean products you do not have to look any further.

“The Greyhound Diaries” Bring Doug Levitt to Global Success

The work of Doug Levitt as an artist in many different areas of artistic endeavor has seen the former international correspondent embark on a bus tour of the U.S. that has lasted for more than 120,000 miles. “The Greyhound Diaries” is the work of Doug Levitt as a musician, writer, and photographer who has now decided to expand into the latest technology with his work as the creator and developer of a YouTube channel that brings his work to a wider audience than ever before; Levitt has become one of the leading live artists in documenting the issues facing a group of people he feels are largely ignored by members of the mainstream media and read full article.

The development of “The Greyhound Diaries” came after Doug Levitt decided to act as a surrogate for 2004 U.S. Presidential candidate John Kerry and rode bus lines to add voters to his campaign; this was the starting point to the work of Levitt and has been followed by more than a decade of traveling on Greyhound buses to discuss the lives of people across the nation. Levitt explains he embarked upon his artistic works as a way of bringing news of the lives of people from all socio-economic backgrounds to the people of the world; Levitt spotted the oncoming economic crisis of 2008 before it happened and believes the effects of the global economic slowdown are still being seen outside the major metropolitan areas of the U.S.

Doug Levitt has been searching for happiness and success for a number of years as he began his career as an international correspondent for major news networks around the world, including CNN and ABC. Prior to launching his artistic career the former Columbia University and London School of Economics graduate lived in Washington D.C. as a member of a major political family; Levitt believes this childhood protected him from the realities of economic issues facing many of the people of the U.S. face and Levitt reports on in his songs and writings and what Doug knows.

Who is the GREATEST anime character of all time?


he wonderful world of anime has given us more interesting characters than, well, we can even comprehend. There have been countless characters that have stolen our hearts on screen but today we are going to go one step further in our admiration: we’re going to pick the BEST of them. Today let’s talk about the greatest anime characters of all time. Does your guy or girl make the list?


  1. Goku

We can’t start any male anime characters list without including Goku. We got to meat young Goku way back in 1988 in Shonen Jump. Since then we’ve grown up with Goku and watched as he’s evolved from a little Saiyan child to the King of Fighters. Goku is still going strong almost 30 years later and nobody will ever top him. He’s the perfect hero and at on of fun to watch on screen.


  1. Vash

We’ve got to go to bat for our boy, Vash the Stampede. Vash is the star of sci fi anime ‘Trigun’ and he’s one of our favorite protagonists in all of anime. Vash is a perfect blend of dangerous and hilarious. He’s stronger than you think and his ability to take enemies unaware is just a joy to watch. He’s naive, selfless, and heroic.


  1. Spike Spiegel

We’ll close our list out with the lead character from the class Netflix anime ‘Cowboy Bebop’. Spike has a deep backstory, wonderful character development, and he’s lucky to be in a top 5 anime of all time. Spiegel can kick butt, gorge on Ramen, and crack a joke.

UKV PLC – One Of The Most Popular Online Wine Retailers In The UK

Understanding wines is a complicated process, and even the most experienced of wine connoisseurs sometimes struggle to understand the complex procedure of winemaking and labeling system of French Wines. Even though the French Wines are consumed the world over, not many people can decipher what’s mentioned on the label of a French Wine.

In most cases, the label on the wines mentions about the quality or the type of grapes used for the wine production, but that is not the case with French Wines. In French Wines, the label mentions about the region of origin and the wine buyers need to understand the classification of origins of wines. There is a government approved appellation classification system that the consumers need to know about to know what the wine label means, and from where does the wine belong.

UKV PLC, one of the most popular online wine retailers in the United Kingdom, believes that once the consumers understand the French Appellation System, they would not have to face any issue with understanding French Wine or while buying French Wines. UKV PLC is an independent wine company, and thus, can stock a huge variety of wines sourced from all over the world.

UKV PLC has a massive stockpile of regular, rare, and investment-grade wines. It means that you would not have to wander around to find what you are looking for and get what you need at one place. UKV PLC also has wine consultants that offer guidance to the consumers looking to buy wines or have any queries related to wines. The price of wines at UKV PLC is one of the most reasonable you would find in the market.

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The True Colors of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is known as the “Queen of Unicorns“. Look at her today, and her bouncy, wavy hair may be pink, and then tomorrow, it will be purple. Its obvious that this stylish woman has a passion for makeup, the array of colors in the rainbow, and her successful cosmetic brand, Lime Crime. She is a true inspiration to anyone who wants to make their dreams come true, since she proves that through hard work and determination, you can succeed at anything you put your mind to.

Born and raised in Russia until the age of 17, Doe Deere has always been ambitious. As a young woman, she aspired to be a musician. At the age of 13, she sold temporary tattoos. Living in New York as a musician, she met her current husband. It was while living in New York that she attended Fashion Institute of Technology. Does has personal values such as always being cruelty free.

Doe Deer believes that every person is unique, special, and creative in their own way. This is why she feels that everyone should follow their dreams and never give up on what they believe in. Growing up, she felt that she was isolated and different from everyone else. As the years went by, she realized she was part of a bigger picture just like everyone else is, and by following what she believed in, the makeup company The Lime Crime was created.

Doe Deere does not go for the understated look. With a love for bold, bright colors that shout, she discovered that these makeup colors were hard to come by, since the natural look was more in style. Instead of settling for what she didn’t want, Doe solved her problem by creating her own makeup line.

Many women fell in love with Doe Deere’s makeup creation, and she hopes that it will allow woman to celebrate their uniqueness. Doe believes that women should be able to express their personalities through hair, makeup and fashion choices. She believes that if you have a dream, you do what you need to make it happen. By always refusing to quit, Doe hopes to inspire others to do the same.

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