How Kevin Seawright is Spurring Economic Development in Newark through Newark CEDC

Kevin Seawright is an experienced financial and operations management guru. Currently working as the head of Newark Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC), Kevin has made a name for himself in the circles of economic strategies development.

His excellent record of accomplishment as a financial executive and expertise for guiding firm reorganization strategies across New Jersey has earned him prestigious accolades and jobs. Newark CEDC speeds up economic development in New Jersey through luring, expanding, and retaining companies in Newark and promoting real estate development in the entire city.

Contributions to the financial services sector

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has specialized in accounting, diverse capital management, and operations leadership. He has capitalized on his 15 years of financial experience to transform communities that reside on the East Coast.

He has handled financial management projects on behalf of local government agencies. Previously, Kevin worked with Aging and Retirement section of Baltimore’s Commission. As the fiscal officer, he created and implemented a state-of-the-art accounting system that saved the organization over $100,000.

Achievements in the real estate sector

Kevin Seawright worked with Baltimore City’s Housing Authority as the payroll manager. Later on, he ascended to the position of finance director still under the section of the housing and community development. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Eventually, Kevin Seawright joined the Department of Recreation and Parks as the CFO. His tenure as a senior worker of Baltimore City ended with his employment as the deputy COO in the education industry. He served in the education sector for six years. Kevin acquired expertise in the development of real estate and small businesses, after serving as an executive director of Washington, D.C.-based Tito Contractors.

What is Newark CEDC?

Newark CEDC fosters economic development in Newark. It opened its doors back in 2007 as Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC). In 2014, the firm implemented a unique reorganization plan that saw it change its name to Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

The company’s primary mission is to speed up real estate development across 20 diverse neighborhoods of the Newark City. It partners with the Department of Economic & Housing Development of Newark, to launch and implement economic development initiatives to generate and maintain economic growth, create jobs, and produce wealth for the residents of Newark.


Jason Hope Is A Modern Day Peter Pan

Jason Hope is a pillar of pride and positivity, going above and beyond the normal call of duty to help others and help the world through his gross investments in the every man’s health and well being as well as technological advancements, entrepreneurial adventures which he constantly explores and his massive contribution to both the community and society as a whole thanks to his abundant donations to companies that assist in helping people on both a general level and a literal molecular level considering the astronomical amount of monetary assistance he has put into the development of discovering better treatments and an eventual cure for cancers as well as leading the charge in his own fight against the aging process, determined to cause for longer years that are better spent with greater health and wellness.

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Jason Hope is a true visionary and a futurist genius who in every way embodies his beliefs for what dictates a healthier happier tomorrow for every single individual in the world. Among these beliefs is the unwavering stance that life is to be thoroughly enjoyed to raise up every individual with high hopes and unfailing positivity, so Hope has become a some what of a party man, in the most respectable extent, throwing lavish and intricate parties to help unwind the people that he believes put in hard work to make this world great.

Putting everything into fighting off the evils of cancers and refusing to grow up, Jason Hope is a modern Peter Pan, crowing at the sky with grandiose dreams and all the passion in the world to take on the adventures he craves with pride and bring happiness and youth back into the hearts and homes of every individual person living on the planet so that they too can enjoy life again.

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Investment Bank- Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an International investment bank based in Chicago. The financial investment bank acted exclusively as a financial advisor in the organization of minority equity and subordinate debt financing for its client ARES Security Corporation an organization based in Vienna, VA. ARES security corporation is one of the leading security companies that distributes risk management services in the United States. The security company provides high quality security software solution. The minority recapitalization was offered by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The deal was announced by Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital Mr. Charles Botchway, and the transaction was led the senior managing Director of Madison Street Capital Reginald McGaugh.

The managing Director at Madison Street Capital mentioned that it was such an honor to work directly with the President and shareholder of ARES Security Ben Eazzetta in the provision of the investment. Ares Security can well be described as a unique organization which offers technological security solutions which are meant to protect the world and its most valuable resources. The senior managing Director at Madison Street Capital also mentioned that ARES is one of the security companies that has the most super management team as well as a board that challenged Madison Street Capital to look for the suitable financial partner.

Ben of ARES Security did not forget to show his gratitude by thanking Madison Street Capital for their support and the effort they showed in 2016, and all the task they assisted them to complete. Ben also said that they were impressed by the whole process not forgetting the due determination, the capital raising process, and the rating analysis. Madison’s efforts enabled ARES to find the right partners.

Madison Street Capital a global investment firm that has a primary responsibility of distributing products as well as services to corporates, and individuals. Madison offers services including mergers, acquisition, and corporate financial advisory services. Madison Street Capital reputation is built on earnestness, integrity, quality and service delivery.

Madison Street Capital offers services and products that have been of great benefit to their customers assisting them to succeed in the international market. Madison prides its success on the success of their clients. The organization takes its client goals and objective and make them theirs. Some of their client’s goals include; financial advisory and capital raising to M&A deals which assist in the transfer of ownership. Since its inception, Madison Street Capital has earned the trust of their clients.


Bruce Levenson Looks To Draw A Line Under His Ownership Of The Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise is one of the most historic in basketball and has been through many ups and downs over the course of its life, but under the leadership of Bruce Levenson the franchise reached unprecedented heights of success in the recent history of the one time NBA Champion. Bruce Levenson sold the Hawks franchise to Tony Ressler in June 2015 ( in what should have been a simple handover of power, an insurance claim made against a policy held with AIG is still dragging on for Levenson and his fellow former owners as they look to bring their ownership of the Hawks to a close.

Bruce Levenson has become one of the most innovative and resourceful members of the analytical industry as the co-founder and leader of the United Communications Group; UCG began life in a spare room as Levenson and his business partner Ed Peskowitz set out to create a new way of exploring the oil and gas industries in terms of providing up to the second information. Levenson has had a range of interests that include philanthropy, particularly in his home state of Maryland and the Atlanta region where he has been an important community leader throughout his time as the head of the Hawks franchise.

Bruce Levenson is now looking for compensation from AIG over what he believes is an insurance policy that should have been paid out on at the time of Danny Ferry’s contract termination. The insurance policy is now the subject of a legal claim that will be heard in a Fulton County Court where Bruce Levenson and his team hope to be awarded the value of the claim made and a 50 percent fine against AIG. Information on this article can be sourced from Wikipedia.