Helane Morrison – Restoring Faith in Finance

Helane Morrison is a passionate advocate determined to rebuild faith in the financial market. Morrison works tirelessly to bring ethics back into investing and to restore the trust of investors after the 2008 market crash.
In 2007 Morrison took on the role of Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, a firm run entirely by women, and one of the top investment companies in California. Morrison, formerly heading the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, from 1999 to 2007, found herself attracted to Hall Capital Partners by the company’s vision and her desire to return confidence to investors. Her work with the SEC, including the exposure of security fraud by American Amicable, primed her for her current role at Hall Capital.
From 1986 to 1996, Morrison practiced law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Her work with the firm encompassed business litigation proceedings, corporate investigations, and representing the SEC to both government and media agencies. Through her assiduous dedication, Morrison eventually became a partner in 1991.
Morrison started out with a B.S. Degree in journalism from Northwestern University and went on to earn a J. D. (Juris Doctor) from the University of California at Berkeley School of Law.
In addition to her role at Hall Capital, Morrison also dedicates her time as a member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation and the Hedge Fund Subcommittee, as well as speaking on compliance and legal concerns regarding investment advising and management of private capital.
Helane Morrison’s commitment and proactive approach are positioning the groundwork for a more stable economy. Her fearless campaign to eradicate investment fraud and bring recognition to women in leadership roles appoints her as an inspiration and corporate role model.