InnovaCare Health Offers Efficiently Managed Patient Centered Care

InnovaCare Health, a leading provider of physician practice services and Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans, is redefining healthcare management. Driven by the visionary leadership of CEO Richard Shinto, M.D. and Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides, the company has created provider care models that are truly innovative. They provide the highest quality healthcare using the most advanced technologies as part of cost-effective, sustainable models. Their Puerto Rico based PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans have 7,500 providers and serves 200,000 patients.

At InnovaCare Health providing patients with the best possible care is their number one priority. The company is revered for its ability to create coordinated care models that offer broad benefit coverage for the growing number of patients they serve. While other healthcare companies are attempting to cut costs by reducing the type, range and quality of the services they offer, InnovaCare Health strives to improve and expand the services they provide for patients in North America’s constantly changing, diverse healthcare setting. At InnovaCare Health they do whatever is necessary to ensure the best patient outcomes possible.

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The healthcare environment in North America today is increasingly complex and presents a whole host of challenges to patients and healthcare providers on InnovaCare Health has been able to redefine healthcare management and meet the needs of their patients through their creative and effective use of their Provider Networks as well as Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans. The company and its subsidiaries remain focused on developing the type of strong patient-provider relationships that lead to excellent patient care outcomes. They have done this by creating coordinated, cost-effective sustainable, quality driven managed care models.

Part of the reason for their success is the unique and shared perspectives Dr. Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides bring to the healthcare management company. Before he became CEO of InnovaCare Health, Dr. Richard Shinto spent over 20 years first as a pulmonologist and internist, then gaining experience in the clinical and operational end of managed care as chief medical officer for several healthcare companies. Penelope Kokkinides background is in developing and managing clinical programs and health care operations and processes with the goal of improving organizational infrastructure and inefficiencies.

Both Dr. Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides have patient centered perspectives. To them proper healthcare management means the patients get the best possible treatment and outcomes and the company is able to efficiently manage their technology and overall costs.


Town Residential Opens its Tenth Outpost

Town Residential is a well-known residential brokerage firm that is headquartered in New York City. Just recently, the brokerage company announced that it had signed a fifteen contract for an office space that is located at the Meatpacking industry. According to the top management of the company, the new office will be serving the markets in the Tribeca area all the way to the Hudson Yards.


Town Residential has grown significantly since it was founded, and this is expected to be its tenth outpost in the region since it ventured into the market several years ago. The chief executive officer of the company, Andrew Heiberger says that the new outpost will help the company to access the great neighborhoods in Hudson. According to Andrew, the brokers in the area will now be able to take clients for appointments in the new office. The office is located in a serene environment that is easily accessible, and people will not have a problem finding it.


Andrew Heiberger has released a report indicating that his company has leased the second floor in the 446w.14th St, and it measures seven thousand one hundred square feet. The new office has also been reported to feature a sixteen-foot ceiling that will allow the clients to have access to the roof deck that is found on top of the three-story building. The report also indicates that the outpost has all the flair that the company needs to attract new customers.


The new outpost is expected to appeal all the residents of the region, including the brokers, and this will generate high sales. According to Heiberger, Town Residential will be the first brokerage firm to offer clients an opportunity to meet and interact with brokers in an outdoor space. The competent CEO has also announced that Thomas and Ingram, a successful boutique firm will be joining Town Residential in the new office. The brokerage boutique firm specializes in West Village deals, and its services will be substantial for the residents of the region. The building is believed to be owned by an investor known as Thor. Thor is one of the longest clients in Town Residential, and he owns several buildings in the New York City. His relationship with Town played a key role in leasing the new office.


Town Residential was founded in the year 2010, and since then, and it offers residential brokerage services to people from different parts of the country. Andrew Heiberger started the successful company, and it has done very well under his leadership. The company has a team of experts who ensure that customers get the best services, and this is one of the reasons why it has done very well in the last decade.


A Better Journey to Financial Investment.

Based in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions is not just like any other investment company. It oversees the development of its clients, guides them and manage their resources, through the overwhelming services it provides.

According to Crunchbase, the founder of wealth solutions, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is an expertise in the field of finance. His great experience has led him to obtain different certificates including CFS, CES, RICP and CAS. Wealth Solutions is fully registered as an investment advisory company therefore it runs smoothly.

Every financial company must follow certain procedures to achieve the clients’ goals, Wealth Solutions exhibits a detailed three pillar tactic that meets the clients’ needs. These procedures smoothen the work of the company by understanding the clients and their financial goals. Every client is therefore served equally as the rest.

The first pillar is letting the client talk out about he or she wants. By doing this the staff attending to the client can grasp the development chances, any risk, aims and strong suits of the client. Therefore, the road ahead will be narrowed down by focusing on the specific issues addressed.

The second pillar is all about advancing a long-term plan which at the end satisfies the investment needs of the client. Wealth Solutions founder Richard Blair makes sure that there is a good market environment that meets every client’s investment selection hence he modifies and brings out the client’s assets accordingly. This pillar is designed to help each and every customer’s wants and objectives.

The third and last pillar embrace the first two pillars, once the clients’ objectives are defined through creating strategies to accomplish them, the founder of the company Richard Blair provides insurance that will last the clients for a long time and also pensions.

Richard Blair is an accomplished investment advisor. He has helped small businesses, big and small families and entrepreneurs achieve their ultimate goal. He has a 20-year experience in the field of experience. He achieved these through the observation of the teaching environment that he was brought up in. He believes he can help so many people manage their financial growth through his company.

Wealth Solutions was founded in the year 1994, it provides great services that are transparent in nature and that have no conflict of interest. Over the years, the company creates better financial solutions to showcase to their clients.

Wikipedia, Your Best Online Partner

Esther Belin is a multimedia artist who won a Pushcart award for her work. But she doesn’t have any articles about her work on Wikipedia which is the first online stop for many researchers. Wikipedia has a small amount of content about indigenous people. The encyclopedia is calling upon people to assist in improving its coverage.

Every October, Wiki-conference participants hold an annual conference for Wikipedia enthusiasts. In this meeting, they flesh out articles about other indigenous people and Native Americans. It is a tactic adopted by individuals who are interested in expanding Wikipedia’s coverage of forgotten groups. After a survey in 2011 concerning Wikipedia editors, it revealed that only 8% of writers are female. The conclusion made more female Wikipedians begin to use it and grew the site’s coverage of feminine issues.

How can one of the biggest web based project that has over 5.3 million articles in English and over 29 million account holders have so much little content about indigenous people? It’s because of its geographical access. In 2015, Oxford University researchers did a study on how authors represent cultures and places around the world. They discovered that Americans or people living in first world countries rarely take on articles that represent their cultures. Also In 2015, a report by FCC revealed that 63% of tribal land residents do not have broadband access.

Lack of internet access means fewer people contribute to Wikipedia’s growth, but also Wikipedia’s policies hinder Wikipedia page creation associated with indigenous populations. In 2013, an English professor at the University of New Hampshire together with his Native American students worked to update and add Wikipedia articles that talked about Native American authors. However, most of the Wikipedia pages which they posted were either contested because of their lack of notability or deleted.

Benefits of a Wikipedia page for business or a biography

Having a Wikipedia page means that you can create or edit a Wiki page or business post on their website which does well for SEO and marketing purposes.

Added authenticity to your persona or brand

In the event you’re running a business, Wikipedia gives you a greater visibility in search engines thus generating more sales.

Wikipedia has a prime spot on Google’s search engine pages. It’s for this reason that your business or biography archives an automatic SEO boost on Google to enjoy. Alternatively, Get Your Wiki is also another site found at Get Your Wiki which offers unmatched benefits as an account holder of Wikipedia. The site guarantees an individual or a business of double online presence at their home site and their Wikipedia page as one of the top five search results.

David Osio’s Philanthropic Activities Have Gone Global!

David Osio is a prominent and successful businessman globally known for his efforts in making a difference in people’s lives following his philanthropic activities. These philanthropic activities revolve around supporting art, music, medical research as well as the community at large. For over two decades, David Osio, a well-established financial counsel expert, has engaged himself in different collaborations with a good number of non-profit organizations that strive to support people’s culture and art thus creating a conducive business environment within the communities. Besides growing financial services, David continues to increase his support on a global scale to organizations that focus on offering charitable services.

His Contribution in Philanthropy

David Osio’s efforts have been notably seen in his support for Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for the few years he has served as one of the members of the board. According to David Osio, who is the president of Davos Financial Group, his firm annually supports MISO and it is proud to see the foundation stay in operation each year as well as bring joy to community members through the donations. Furthermore, David is a long-time active supporter of the Children’s Orthopaedic Foundation, an international foundation. He plays an important role of sponsoring the EPK events that are held annually.

According to Osio, every little bit is crucial and significant in medical research. His hope is that someday the fortunate beneficiaries of the research will be able to make a big financial difference to ensure medical research becomes a success.

About David Osio

Popularly known as the CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group, David Osio successfully gives proper direction to the company thus positioning it on the top of the curve of both domestic and international markets. He has also facilitated an impressive increase in income levels of Davos Financial Group, along with the firm’s geographical expansion to important and strategic cities such as Lisbon, Geneva, Miami, Panama City and New York. In all the cities that Osio’s business ventures operate, he has made an effort to ensure charitable activities increase to a significant level.

Over the past two decades, Mr Osio has transformed his company, Davos Financial Group, to a global firm with offices in major and respected financial centers worldwide. David is a graduate of Catholic University Andres located in Caracas where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in law. With a humble beginning as a director in MGO legal desk, Osio has grown to a successful and renowned individual in the world of business.

Why Cone Marshall Has Ranked Internationally In Few Years

Cone Marshall has emerged among the best law firms in New Zealand due to their unique approach when dealing with tax laws and property litigation. The firm has since inception in 1999 maintained the need to offer clients quality services that are backed by professionals whose past careers reflect their dedication and talent in the area of law.

To enhance the service delivery of the firm, few professionals who specialize in various aspects of law have been invited to work with clients from different parts of the world. This ensures no mistakes are made along the way since the professionals selected are people with the familiarity certain sections of law require.

Another aspect that has ensured Cone Marshall proceeds seamlessly is the presence of a leadership team that is focused on elevating the status of the firm. They work with professionals who have been in the industry for many years to ensure the planning and execution aspect of the firm is handled by people who can be trusted.

One of the professionals who have brought great support to Cone Marshall is Karen Marshall, a lawyer with over 15 years in the field of law. She was appointed to work with the firm in 2005 where she started as a lawyer but one year later she was given the position of the principal, and her role is to oversee the operations of the company and come up with suggestions that can make better changes. She previously worked in commercial litigation for 10 years and her experience with other areas brings the diversity Cone Marshall needs to achieve success in the industry.

Also in the company is Geoffrey Cone, who holds a leadership position that has led to the transformation of the firm into an internationally recognized entity. Geoffrey holds more than 20 years experience as a lawyer and his input has helped Cone Marshall to maintain fair practices in all levels.

More about Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall is a leading law firm in New Zealand that has invested in the provision of legal support in the areas of tax laws and estate litigation. Due to the diversity the firm has adopted over the years, they work with international clients who present problems in different areas of law. Their mastery of the industry has won the firm a great reputation and their trust levels have gone high due to the clear history they have maintained while working with clients from different parts of the world.

The Manse On Marsh Is Exciting and Comfortable For Residents

For many individuals, there may come a time when they may need to reside in an assisted living facility. This may be simply because there are not family or friends nearby that can help them with their day to day living needs or it may be because of a medical condition that requires frequent professional care. Whatever the reason it is important to choose a facility that can offer comfortable living accommodations as well as caring and qualified professionals that can assist with a variety of medical needs.


One such facility is The Manse On Marsh. This luxurious and practical assisted living facility is located in San Luis Obispo. It offers not only apartments but actual separate townhomes with up to three bedrooms. It is also located by a delightful town that visiting family and friends can tour and enjoy while in the area.


The Manse On Marsh also has a wide variety of trained staff that eagerly wait to attend to the needs of the residents. There are physical therapists and licensed nurses on site. Full-service cleaning services are also provided so that residents can relax and enjoy their days at Manse On Marsh without being inconvenienced.


The Manse On Marsh welcomes inquiries about their facilities and would love to arrange a tour for you or your family so that you can see first hand all that the facility has to offer its residents. They will be thrilled to find that even the common rooms are designed like a grand hotel with many ornated touches and plenty of attention to detail. There is always something exciting taking place on the grounds. Residents always have plenty of activities to keep them entertained. Even the residents have given outstanding reviews of The Manse On Marsh which has led to the facility winning several awards for its outstanding accommodations. Call today for more information.

Geoffrey Cone Explains Why New Zealand Is A Model Of Tax Transparency

As a seasoned tax lawyer specializing in international taxes Geoffrey Cone based in New Zealand has an understanding of the unique tax system the country has created through its laws and the policies based on them. Recently critics of the New Zealand tax system have drawn negative images of foreign trusts and the activities surrounding them within the country. The popular image of corruption, exorbitant wealth, and shady deals simply does not accurately characterize the way foreign investment into New Zealand truly works. The reality is that New Zealand has created a tax system that not only tries to prevent the practices it is often accused of, but seeks to create transparency at all levels.

While Geoffrey Cone currently operates out of his native country of New Zealand he has worked around the world in one capacity or the other. His experience in the Bahamas is a great example of how he uses his first hand experience with the tax systems of other countries and truly understands why foreign trusts in New Zealand simply do not operate in the same manner. He argues that New Zealand simply isn’t a tax haven because it meets the standards set forth in the 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters. Countries which pass this scrutiny are excluded from the blacklist of tax havens the OECD maintains. Every step taken ensures that foreign trusts reveal all relevant information possible. The shady backroom deals skeptics often clamor about do not exist.

Over the course of his long career Cone has accumulated decades of experience and an intimate understanding of the New Zealand tax system. He combined this knowledge with trust manager Karen Marshall and formed the Cone Marshall advisory firm. Here he gives is clients advice on how to deal with the international taxes that foreign trusts must contend with. His clients take his advice and operate using only transparent financial transactions in order to branch out and get the most out of New Zealand’s financial markets. His work and that of those in similar shoes has allowed New Zealand to massively increase foreign investment into the country.

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Obtaining Investment Options from Equities First


Over the past few years, the average consumer has likely found that it is getting harder and harder to obtain unsecured personal loans that do not have a personal guaranty requirement. This is largely due to changes in the economy and credit markets, which have tightened significantly. Since getting a non-recourse personal loan from a bank can be difficult, many people are now turning to loans that are secured by their personal investment and securities portfolio.


A loan that is secured by your stock and other investment portfolio is often considered a very beneficial loan for both the consumer and the lender. From the lender’s perspective they will have a security and lien on a very liquid asset. In the event that you no longer are making regular loan payments, the lender will be able to take control of the account and liquidate the assets if necessary.


From a borrower’s perspective, these types of loans are beneficial because they are cheap and affordable, do not require any additional personal recourse, and provide you with capital without having to deal with the tax implications that come with selling stock. Many borrowers that take out these types of loans can also take advantage of margin-based products. With a margin account you will be able to borrower money in excess of the amount of money that is in your account. The margin money will only be able to be used to by stock and will be repaid automatically once the stock is sold. Margin accounts give you the ability to buy more stock and earn more money that you would otherwise.


One of the leading providers of stock secured loans is Equities First. The company, which has been providing flexible financing options for those in need of personal capital, has been in business for over 15 years. They have a reputation for coming up with creating financing and capital solutions for all of their clients. Thus far, they have paid out more than $1.4 billion in loans to consumers and businesses looking to capitalize on their investment portfolio.


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30 Years of Knowledge Transfer Mechanisms at Wessex Institute of Technology

In 2016 the Wessex Institute of Technology celebrates its beginnings, three decades ago, in 1986. Wessex Institute’s history arose out of the Computational Mechanics Institute of Technology with the aim of developing a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms, particularly directed towards the exchange of information between academics and professional users within industry Located at Ashhurst Lodge, a stately building in New Forest which is a national park located in southern England. Established as a royal hunting ground over 900 years ago New Forest consists of 400 square kilometers of some of the most unique wilderness areas of England and is dotted with picturesque villages, contains abundant wildlife and definitely provides a beautiful, solid background to the history of the Wessex Institute of Technology. From these stately grounds, Wessex Institute leads the way in facilitating the exchange of information between academics and industry in the areas of Research, Conferences and Publishing.